2050 songs of Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ that changed my taste in music

I really do love the “Discover Weekly”-playlist of Spotify. It has introduced me to a lot of great artists and songs since its start in July 2015. For those of you that are not familiar with the product: Based on what I’m listening to and preferences Spotify recommends me 30 new songs every Monday with their playlist. Since the beginning I have collected and analysed all the suggestions in a separate playlist. This list contains now 2050 different songs from roughly 1500 different artists. I have attached it to the end of this article. Check it out.

A big thanks to Spotify for hours of great music in the last 1.5 years. This list has introduced me to quite a few new artist, which are now some of my favourite ones. After the analysis of all songs ever recommended to me by Spotify I can say with a clear conscience that this playlist has changed my music taste significantly. I look already forward to next Monday.

Most featured artists

Different artists

Fastest songs

Slowest songs

Average beats per minute of all songs

Visited a live concert after the feature in my ‘Discover Weekly’-playlist

Songs that made it to ‘Your Spotify Top Songs 2016’

Duration of all songs combined

Most featured albums

My personal highlights

Full ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist

All images are taken from Spotify or Soundcloud. All Rights reserved.




Founder of Beyond, PM Library & Riptide, Ex-N26

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Alexander Hipp

Alexander Hipp

Founder of Beyond, PM Library & Riptide, Ex-N26

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